• Do you want to create personalized training programs for the growth of your employees?
  • Do you want to provide concrete tools for improving professional effectiveness?
  • Would you like to improve accountability, initiative and authority in the exercising of their role?

InsideOut guide companies in the definition of personal development plans, offering its expertise and support in the 4 phases of the learning process:

Analysis of training needs
•    Briefing the customer
•    Focus groups with a sample of participants
•    Individual interviews
•    Questionnaires for assessment and behavioral analysis

Delivery of training activities
•    Training for small and large groups
•    Use of InsideOut learning circles
•    Practical training on strategies to improve
•    Definition of personal action plans and follow up feedback in pairs
Design of the training program
•    Definition of objectives and training themes
•    Validation of the training path with the customer
•    Preparation of "learning box" for the participant
Support in the communication and organization
Verifying the results
•    Satisfaction Surveys
•    Reports and feedback meeting with the customer
•    Monitoring of participants' action plans
•    Coaching and Follow-up

Contact us to identify the training path aligned with the needs of your company.

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